Using Social Media In The College Classroom

Using Social Media In The College Classroom

I presented these slides to the leadership team at NAIT – The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta; as well as to industry and community leaders from the region.  In January 2012, I began teaching strategic social media (or, social business) to Public Relations & Journalism students at San Jose State University. I was also hired by UC Berkeley Extended Education to teach the same class.  The following slides are observations and best practices I have learned this past year.

If you are interested in live close to Downtown San Francisco, I will be teaching my next class at UC Berkeley (location: UC Berkeley Extension Downtown Center, 425 Market St.) starting in March.

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  • Anthony Galeano

    Nice stuff you got here!!

  • Anthony

    Very interesting post. I am currently a senior at Penn State University and I never even thought about a teacher potentially using social media to communicate to students and improve lessons. After looking at this slideshow, I am all for it! Being that I am an advertising/public relations major, I have worked on various group projects and mock campaigns throughout my time at PSU. I know that in at least two cases, my partners and I created a Facebook group in order to communicate information and post various things about the project. This was not used as much because we all have cell phones, but I think in a professor’s case it would be a huge plus. While email is good for them to have, creating a social media page or group dedicated to the course is good as well. It is more modern for the students and would encourage people to give more feedback in the course. If Penn State would integrate more social media tactics into their courses before I graduate I would definitely be on board with that.

  • Michael Brito

    Thanks Anthony!

    Appreciate the feedback!

  • digital magnify

    nice post it is very useful for colleges and university.
    great job.

  • Adi

    And of course when utilising social for customer service you have both a clear purpose and a way of measuring success.

  • Nick Hanna

    I’m currently a student in a social media class at Tulane University. It’s pretty awesome that you’ve recognized the importance of social media and the fact that teachers can use it in the classroom. Our teacher also teaches Management and Communication, which goes very hand-in-hand with her social media class. The two are extremely important in today’s day and age as more and more people switch to social media and their communication skills to acquire jobs and brand their companies.

    Nick Hanna
    Tulane University
    A.B. Freeman School