Beyond The Social Business Buzzword

Beyond The Social Business Buzzword

There are skeptics everywhere. Heck, it’s in our nature to question everything that we doubt, fear or just the stuff that we don’t understand.  That’s why I am excited to be presenting a keynote at the upcoming Explore Orange County on Oct. 18-19 in Orange, Calif. I am going to define social business, go through some frameworks and discuss how the principles of social business can enable better content, better marketing and more effective customer relationships. Below is a quick video of Jason Falls (the man behind Explore) and I talk about the session.

I have several discount codes with a pretty substantial discount if you are interested in attending. Would love to see you there. 

Hit me on Twitter or leave a comment below and I will hook you up. Other speakers include Andrew Grill, Peter Kim, Rob FuggettaMarcy Massura, Jeremy Pepper, Nichole Kelly, Tim Hayden, Kevin Magee, Zena Weist and many other awesome folks.

Image: Skeptics

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  • Susie Erjavec Parker

    I would love to present with you one of these days. :) Knock ’em dead.

  • Michael Brito

    You can be my guest?

  • Bobby Isaacson

    I’m gonna see if I can make it down there.