An Ideal Enterprise Social Media Application

An Ideal Enterprise Social Media Application

I just finalized a client project that essentially is plan to operationalize their content marketing and community management strategy. Most of the plan was to identify roles & responsibilities, team structure, create processes and workflows and then determine which technology could support the operational plan.

Over the last several weeks, I have met with well over 20 social vendors in the social CRM, content publishing and analytics space; and I realized that there is somewhat of a gap in the marketplace. There isn’t just one vendor that excels in what I feel is the right approach to build a best-in-class content marketing & community management strategy – content planning, publishing, governance and analytics.

Below are a few requirements that would add tremendous business value to the enterprise. Is this too much to ask? Is there a vendor that I don’t know about that has all of these capabilities?


  • Content calendar management (something better than Excel or Google Docs)
  • Approval workflows with conversation tracking
  • Role assignments (author, editor, reviewer, etc.)
  • Collaborative whiteboard to brainstorm content ideas

Note: Love what the team at DivvyHQ is doing! They have a robust platform that automates the entire content planning process.


  • The ability to publish to major social networks to include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • The ability to publish to WordPress, Jive, Lithium
  • A content library for employees/regional teams to use, customize and share
  • Content scheduling with supported day-parting metrics (similar to Hootsuite’s new Auto Schedule Functionality & Buffer)
  • Gamification capabilities for employees/teams to encourage mass participation

Note: There are many vendors in this space with no shortage of acquisitions.


  • Controls that allow for approval of content before it’s posted
  • Views into what content has already been published
  • Content/comment moderation
  • Escalation workflows to teams in other groups (i.e. customer support) with collaboration support


  • Rolled up engagement metrics
  • Engagement metrics by channel, team or employee
  • Total potential reach and impressions at the aggregate and individual channel level
  • Customer Support metrics (resolution, response time)
  • Conversion data
  • A more complete data record w/history

The other challenge I see is that many of these vendors charge per user. This pricing model doesn’t scale for organizations that empower all of their employees to engage externally with customers and partners. Also, there is a lack of mobile application development for these tools, which seems to me to be a huge disconnect considering the rise of mobile adoption and usage for the enterprise.

Lastly, and this is a stretch since it’s a different category, but the ability to pull in listening/monitoring data would be ideal. Not just a few “brand” keywords that only go back 30 days. Historical data is just as important to identify trending. Sysomos, Social Radar & PeopleBrowser excel in this area.

Is this wishful thinking? Does something like this exist today? If not, who is going to build it?  I talk to companies every day and they are tired of using 6 different software applications to do all this.

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  • Paul Stasse

    Hi, We are launching a product in October that should tick more of your boxes…I can send you more info if needed.

  • 40deuce

    Thanks for giving Sysomos a shout-out in here! You should take a second look at our software though, we are doing a lot of what you’re looking for (but not all), with more features on the way.

    Sheldon, community manager for Marketwire & Sysomos

  • Michael Brito

    Please send me the details

  • Timothy Klinkle

    Michael, there is PLENTY of room in this realm for growth. We get referrals daily to do content planning and production on a large scale. 

    I do like your idea of aggregating data though!!! Is somebody super smart listening out there???

  • Jessica Thornton

    We are looking for the very same solutions.  I have really liked what Buddy Media offers…

  • jaybaer

    I like DivvyHQ a lot as well. Been playing around a lot with Kapost too, and I think their social publishing is better. 

  • Michael Brito

    @jaybaer i really like @kapost:twitter .. also looking at @Skyword as well

  • Anonymous

    There is a lot here that we at SocialAppsHQ are already working on :-) We will love to demo it to you in next couple of weeks once few additional features are live!


  • Michael Brito

    I would love a demo!

  • Anonymous

    I will email you in 1-2 weeks time :-)