The Shift To Social Business

The Shift To Social Business

I presented the following to slides to Dr. Brett L. Simmon’s class who teaches organizational behavior and leadership at the University of Nevada, Reno. I also presented a similar webinar for the good folks at Hootsuite University in case you want to hear my voice.

Here is a quick summary of the slides.

The social customer is very influential. Companies realized this, saw the “bright and shiny” object of social media and jumped in head first with zero planning. This has caused organizational chaos on a variety of different levels.  Now today, companies are realizing that they must spend considerable amount of time focusing on internal social media objectives – changing behaviors, optimizing business processes, building communication/collaboration models, training, and overall social business planning. I have over simplified it but I think you get the picture. Hopefully you can extract some value. Enjoy.


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  • Bret L Simmons

    You did a great job, Michael. We really appreciated you sharing your time and insight with us. Hope we get to do it again sometime! Bret

  • Michael Brito

    Thank you sir! Really do appreciate it!

  • Michael Brito

    No prob. Thanks for the kind words!

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Social media is like any other marketing tactic and requires planning if you are going to do it right.  It may be “free” to sign up for an account, but to actually get anything out of social media you need to dedicate ample time to it.  

  • Social Media Marketing

    I really appreciate the work from you Micheal. I also agree with Nick, Social Media indeed needs time and right marketing tactics, in order to be successful. Any ways thank you so much for sharing your opinion and experience with us.

  • Lotus Marketing

    Yeah the whole marketing industrie is changing a lot. Everything is going Inbound Marketing nowadays. It’s hard to keep up sometime.

  • Becky Young

    Lots of great info in here! Thanks Brito!