Moms: The Not-So-New Social Customer And Brand Advocate

Moms: The Not-So-New Social Customer And Brand Advocate

If you have been in this space for a while, you already know that moms are pretty influential online. It’s one reason why organizations like BlogHer, Social Moms and Clever Girls Collective have become very popular and widely used by fairly large brands. Here is further evidence.

According to a social media study sponsored by Performics of nearly 3,000 participants, moms are more versatile, more present, more active and more engaged users of social networking sites, than other women. Social networking and connecting with other women online rage among Moms. They use it to share their thoughts, experiences and feelings, ask for advice from other moms, look for deals and coupons, research products, communicate with brands and shop.

Here are some key findings, some of which really surprised me:

  • Moms are approximately 61% more likely to own a smartphone than other women.
  • They are more likely to be active on social networking sites, for example, they are 16% more likely to visit Facebook daily and 46% more likely to visit Google + daily.
  • Moms are 75% more likely to trust information they receive from companies through social networking sites than other women.

Moms are also 45% more likely to make a purchase as a result of a recommendation on a social media site than other women which doesn’t surprise me much. They are broken down by vertical:

  • Apparel: Moms are 54% more likely to make an apparel purchase
  • Automobile: Moms are 64% more likely to make an automobile purchase
  • Travel: Moms are 46% more likely to make a travel purchase

The data also shows that moms actively champion their favorite companies and brands on social media. These “mombassadors” are more likely than other women to:

  • Recommend companies/brands via social sites (34%)
  • Discuss companies/brands on social sites after seeing an ad elsewhere (48%)
  • Talk about companies/brands they follow on Facebook (24%)
  • Link to a company/brand ad (23%)
  • Post a company/brand ad (53%)
  • Post interesting or relevant content about a company/brand (50%)
Enjoy the slides:
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  • Nick Stamoulis

    As long as it fits your niche, targeting the mom demographic can be a very good strategy.  These numbers prove that they are powerful.  Connecting with moms in social media is a great way to establish a connection and keep them engaged.  

  • Michael Brito

    Sometimes I wish I was a mommy blogger! : )

  • Victoria Murphy

    This is great! Now that Moms are actually more active in Social Networking Sites, we can take this opportunity for our marketing purposes. And I do agree with Nick, it’s the best way to build connections with moms.

  • Michael Brito

    Thank you for the comment.