Social Media Measurement Isn’t Always About The Math

Social Media Measurement Isn’t Always About The Math

I had the pleasure of listening to Susan Etlinger from Altimeter present at Social Media Week at Adobe just a few days ago. The topic …  metrics and ROI. Now, I am certainly not the guy who is going to develop a measurement plan, forecast sales, determine the net present value of some object or provide comprehensive ROI modeling. Heck, I need a calculator when I correct my daughter’s homework and she’s only in 5th grade. I will leave metrics, measurement and ROI analytics to the math wizards like my pal Olivier Blanchard who wrote a book on the subject, Social Media ROI.

But here are a few golden nuggets that I extracted out of Susan’s presentation; as well as some of my own thoughts and experiences from talking with business leaders in the enterprise:

  • Social media measurement isn’t always about the math.  Ensuring that the entire marketing organization is measuring social the same way is equally as important as the what and how
  • KPIs, measurement goals and ROI modeling should be done BEFORE campaigns and programs are in market
  • There are literally hundreds of ways to measure social; pick just a few that can be used to tell a more broad story of the work being done in social
  • The metrics (whatever they are .. reach, engagement, community growth, revenue) should ALWAYS roll up to business metrics in some way
  • At the end of the day, social media measurement is about change management. We/they/us need to change the way we think, communicate, behave, persuade, lead and act when rolling out and planning for social media measurement; which is a very small component of a more broad social business plan

The following are Susan’s slides that she presented on Monday. Unfortunately they don’t tell the whole story nor do they capture Susan’s dynamic speaking style and soft voice.

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  • Stacey Cavanagh

    Hey Michael.

    Great write up, in particularly:

    “KPIs, measurement goals and ROI modeling should be done BEFORE campaigns and programs are in market”

    It amazes me how many times you see that part overlooked and people get a couple of months into a campaign without being able to answer: what are you objectives and how are you being measured?

    Thanks for sharing Susan’s slides.

  • Michael Brito

    Thank you for the note Stacey.

    Yes, that is the story I hear quite often. It’s not too hard to establish business objectives and KPIs before a program is in market.
    Appreciate the comment!

    Happy Friday.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Social media will be used differently by different businesses.  So, the goals of social media will be different as well.  It’s important not to worry so much about what the other guys are doing in social media.  Stick to what makes sense for your brand.  

  • Anonymous

    It is great to see someone else linking social media to the whole marketing plan. Makes a refreshing change.