Technology That Can Help Scale A Customer Advocate Program

Technology That Can Help Scale A Customer Advocate Program

A few months ago, I wrote about the 4 Pillars of a Customer Advocate Programinfrastructure, technology, content planning and measurement.  One thing I hear from many clients is “how do we scale a program with hundreds of advocates?” or “what kind if technology can scale as we grow our program and increase the number of advocates?”

Before an advocate program is launched, a decision very early in the planning process needs to be made about which technology platform to use in order to manage and communicate with advocates. Many companies use private LinkedIn and/or Facebook groups to manage back and forth communication. This option is free but brands have to work within the technical capabilities of such platforms and customization is a non factor. Others use private communities built with very scalable  applications like Jive or Lithium. This option give more flexibility to match the look/feel of a corporate website as well as integration with other sCRM or online monitoring technology suites.

One company that I have been keeping a close eye on is Fancorps. Fancorps is a customer advocacy platform which enables organizations to activate and reward customers for word of mouth recommendations and reviews. – essentially transforming them from a friend, fan or follower to an advocate.

Here is a quick review of their back end platform:

The dashboard is a quick snapshot or representation of the community environment. It allows brands to quickly gauge the “who, what, where” of the program.

With all the hype about gamification and how it drives engagement, Fancorps has built a significant gaming experience within their platform via a leaderboard and advocate tracking interface.

The Fancorps platform can gauge how involved and influential each advocate is with Activity Points, Store Credits and Klout Score; and then rewarding the advocates based on these currencies for their time and effort.

Fancorps allows brands to manage and assign tasks to advocates.

Sort/Assign tasks based on demographics and Klout score

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  • Jonathan Nichol

    Clear, informative, simple. Like your post! Don’t stop writing, you’ve given me lots of good info!

  • Michael Brito

    Glad I can help! Thank you for the kind words.

  • Jared Chism

    Interesting stuff. My only concern is that they are using Klout to measure someones influence. I know people who are not big into social media and post random thoughts about random stuff 2-3 times a week and somehow manage to have Klout scores above 40. Klout is fun, but I don’t think it is quite to the level of being a great measuring tool for influence, especially since they don’t take into account blogs which would have a greater weight than Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin in my opinion.

  • Michael Brito


    I understand your concern. I actually one measure of influence. They also have internal scoring in the system that’s based on the number of tasks that were completed.
    Appreciate the comment.