The Social Business Infographic

This social business infographic was created to illustrate the social customer’s impact on business operations. It also encompasses most of what is discussed in my upcoming book, Smart Business, Social Business. The infographic starts off defining the social customer and social business. The social business declaration is defined; and then discusses the three pillars that make up a collaborative social business – People, Process and Technology. The infographic then illustrates the evolution of social business starting with a timelines showing the growing influence of the social customer and most companies’ response by creating a social brand. The next portion of the graphic covers three common social organizational models – centralized, decentralized, and a fully collaborative social business. Social business facts are also illustrated from Altimeter and eMarketer; and then the social technology vendors that I highlight in the book. Enjoy.

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Michael Brito has been making things happen online since 1996 with a legit hustle. He gets mad when the 49ers lose, really mad. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.

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  • marina dubai

    Genuinely good blog I’ll definitely be coming back to view it every day sometime soon