The 3 Pillars That Shape A Social Business

The 3 Pillars That Shape A Social Business

Organizations cannot have effective, external conversations with consumers, unless they can have effective internal conversations first. And when I refer to internal conversations, I mean much more than a few monthly conference calls and a collaboration forum.

Based on my observations and experience working at HP, Yahoo and Intel; organizations that are thriving to be a social brand must first focus on organizational change, hence this evolution into a social business.

The challenge is that almost all brands today are already engaging with consumers on the social web. Facebook, Twitter, branded communities and other social networks are now dominated by brands and most of them are doing a pretty good job.  What’s not visible to most is the anarchy, conflict, confusion and lack of communication that exists behind the firewall.  So the quest to becoming a social brand and a social business is a simultaneous effort.

I have been working on trying to categorize this evolution into 3 pillars – people, process and technology (it’s a work in progress).

Oh, and I am contemplating on writing a book about this. Not sure yet.


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  • MikeSansone

    Write the book (or at least another dozen posts to flesh it out) Too much contemplation will lead to complication.

    Make the invisible visible. The tools change so fast, but the attitudes are almost constant with any change. If you can share practical solutions to the problem, then you, nay, we have a winner.

    I dig the graphic and the pillars (silos?). You've hit the pain on the headache. Your book might be the pill. I look forward to reading it.

  • Ryan Burdick

    I agree. I love this three pilar idea but would love to see them fleshed out. Think this is possible?

  • Michael Brito

    Thanks guys. It's a huge commitment but I think I am going to do it! : ) Appreciate the feedback. : )

  • Prerna

    excellent post…every organization should take a lesson from this…thanks

  • vivek

    In social networking peoples play very vital and important role that other two