The Value of a Facebook Fan: A different POV ($136 per fan)

A few months ago, I wrote about Vitrue’s study on the value of a Facebook fan being worth $3.60; and last week, Syncapse released a similar study and assigning a $1.36 value to a fan.  The 18 page comprehensive study can be downloaded here but here are some key findings:

Product Spending: Facebook Fans spend, on average, $71.84 more than non-fans over a two-year period

Brand Loyalty: Facebook fans are 28 per cent more likely to continue using a brand than consumers who are not fans on Facebook

Willingness to Recommend: 68 per cent of fans are ‘very likely’ to recommend a product to family and friends (as opposed to 28 per cent of non-fans)

Brand Affinity: 81 per cent of fans feel a connection to the brand (versus only 39 per cent of non-fans)

Earned Media Value: Incorporating all of the above factors, the average value of a Facebook fan is $136.38 to an organization

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  • Kyle Lacy

    Good to know. This shows more proof of the value in social media!

  • Laura

    I always encourage my clients to create a facebook business page. It goes to show the personal side and care for the clients when they discuss issues or products. I would agree that brand loyalty ties hand in hand.

  • Machwan

    Facebook account is useful for me to elaborate my business through the globe. I suggest all business owners to create an account who don't have one.

  • Joel Pinkham

    I really think these reports are a waste of time. I started writing a comment but got carried away and ended up posting it on my blog instead –

  • Romain

    As Machwan said, Facebook is really important for companies in order to promote their products, improve the visibility, they should have an account on Facebook.

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  • gry

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