5 Reasons why your social media strategy sucks

5 Reasons why your social media strategy sucks


  1. You think Twitter is going to solve all your problems: Substitute Twitter with any other tool or social network. Social media is about people and relationships. The tools come and go.
  2. You work in a silo: No one else in the organization knows what you are doing.  Marketing doesn’t talk to PR and PR doesn’t talk to marketing. There are multiple programs, campaigns and contests running. No integration at all.
  3. You’ve done no research: You have no idea if there are any discussions happening about your brand. Then you decide to create a Facebook fan page and management is all over you because the only fans of the page are employees of the company.
  4. All you do is listen.  So you’ve signed up for ScoutLabs; good first step.  Now you are monitoring the conversations.  Better. But brands that act upon the feedback from the community are the ones who are seeing success.
  5. You lack story telling.  You have no message. There is no story.  You aren’t aligned with the brand promise.  Everything is fragmented and the content distribution network doesn’t exist.

Next post will be things to include in a social media strategy.

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Michael Brito has been making things happen online since 1996 with a legit hustle. He gets mad when the 49ers lose, really mad. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.

  • http://chadegeland.com Chad Egeland

    Great list but I would add one to the list: Number Count – Your boss thinks the only metric that matters is the amount of friends or followers the company has.

  • http://kcet.org/local/blogs/404_city/ ophelia

    love this. most SM messaging is scattershot and done in a quick burst, then forgotten and/or abandoned. You've made excellent points. :O)

  • http://www.socialmediareinvention.com/ tonyfaustino

    Great post Michael. Your Reason #1 is why so many social media strategies fail. Organizations think a specific technology is the magic bullet to a social media strategy when instead they should understand their buyer personas first. Without the knowledge of where your audience prefers to converse, you could be missing opportunities. Selecting the appropriate social media vehicle (i.e., Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) should be the last decision not the first one.

  • shawnbouchard

    Great post Michael. I think your first point hammers it home. So many of our customers want a silver bullet solution, yet they haven't stopped to consider that it might involve some work on their part. A few years ago the blog was the magic solution. Now it's Twitter or Facebook.

  • richreader

    Let's assume that we have our use cases and success stories well-written, documented, honest, & verifiable, as well as published in a content distribution network. If so, then next step is content marketing, which many of us have not sufficiently pursued and maintained.

    Are your stories packaged into conference presentations, meetups, slideshares, workshops, industry/practice anthologies, and alternative reality games? Are your stories actively discussed in blogs and forums? Have you been searching for those blogs and forums, and exercising valuable thought leadership therein? If your answer is “yes” to each of these three questions, then you are well on your way to passing “content marketing” muster.

  • http://www.ernestbarbaric.com/ Ernest Barbaric

    One of the most common things I see at workshops and hear in conversations is basically your point 3. While I believe the hype is starting to die down with “We need a fan page” and “We need a twitter account” and such with no forethought, there is still a good deal of that in the marketplace.

    It's a practice of going where all your competition is versus going where your customers are.

    Great post.


  • Yosa

    Commonly, I agree with you. But friends of mine already prove that social networking can produce you a bunch of money to earn. Even not all marketing campaign produce the same amount of money, but still those create earnings and raise the product popularity within social networking members.

  • http://www.soula.com/digital-marketing-strategy.php Katie

    I think there are a lot of major brands that haven't done social media quite right, including twitter – like skittles. But I think over the last six months company's have got better and reacted to it better but I still there are a lot of things to be learnt about social media and how to make it work for each industry.

  • http://www.pushagency.net/ Jimi Bostock

    Excellent, very funy, very true.

    I would tag this blog down “cruel to be kind” :)

    The potential downside from not getting social right is too grave and you are right to be a little forceful in your language.

    I will be passing it on to clients, that is for sure, see then I can blame you.

    Jimi Bostock
    PUSH Agency

  • treysmith21

    Well, that is one huge point there. But I think there are more points why there are more people who loves to use social media for increasing traffic. Though you really hit the rock there it makes me consider lots of things.

  • http://www.whitevector.com/blog/ Essi Pöyry

    Interesting post Michael!

    When it comes to the point nr 4, I think that's when you at the latest need to sort out your social media strategy. In our experience, as the whole spectrum of online discussions and all the different aspects of them become uncovered, companies tend to demand for more proper goals and plans for social media (not just a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account).

    So, as you said, just listening won't generate much added value, and that new demand for social media strategy is one of the most central phases when companies start to interact with their customers online. That way you'll also get more out of your monitoring/analysis tool and the investment starts paying off.


  • http://www.trafficscaper.com/ Jeff

    Quick and simple, I especially agree with the storytelling part. It's a very important aspect!

  • anthonymink

    Great post, good content. I really like it! Thanks for the words of advice

  • akosfintor

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  • drinkwhat

    Great tips! I think I need to change my strategy after reading this. Thanks!

  • http://successbeginstoday.org/wordpress John Richardson

    Michael, I think number 5 is key. Tell a story, make a point. If potential customers can follow along in a coherent and consistent manner, social media can be a huge plus. Just putting up a page without a face and a reason, is probably a waste of time.

  • http://www.fruitzoom.com/ PamMktgNut

    Amen! Here's a few more:
    1. The client or boss who still thinks all that matters is “hits on website”
    2. Disregard content all together.
    3. Don't engage and train the right folks.
    4. No social media policy.
    5. No plan
    6. Think social media means you no longer have to do real marketing

  • renakosiek

    These are some great things to consider. I appreciate the post. I agree that Twitter does not solve everything. Sometimes it is just an excuse for real relationship. Twitter equals less vulnerability and trust with your client and more of a convenience to the PR practitioner (sometimes).

  • http://twitter.com/Britopian Michael Brito

    Thank you all for your enlightening comments! I really do appreciate it.

  • thejlsagency

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  • http://www.knowledgeworthknowing.com knowledgeWorthKnowing

    I believe when people first start internet marketing they place too much emphasis on social marketing instead of all of the other great marketing strategies out there. Don't get me wrong! Social Marketing is important for your business, but my point is people can place too much emphasis on it in the beginning of their marketing plan. I believe in being a bit more established first before social marketing can work for you.

  • http://www.associateblogger.com aBlogger

    I agree with your article. There are a lot of people out there trying to say the same message as you but no one seems to cut to the chase and lay it all out like you. Great job hopefully people will actually make the attempt to change their style, as we all know it can really help them out.