Video: The intersection of personal and corporate brands

I attending the SMC event a few nights ago and one topic that came up was Forrester’s recent decision of not allowing their analysts to blog about social media unless it was on the official Forrester blog. Here is LaSandra Brill, Janet Fouts and Erin Robbins take on personal and corporate brands:

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    Erin asks us to look at whether the relationship between an individual and an enterprise is either parasitic or symbiotic (ed note: but even parasites have an interest in the sustainability of their hosts :} ) In any relationship, either the enterprise or the individual might be seen as the parasite or as the host. Erin makes note of how brands hire celebrity advocates to boost the level of acceptance and trust that the corporate brand seeks to acquire. We hope that our personal brands deliver value to the enterprises that we serve, and that the relationship with the enterprise is reciprocally valuable to us. (ed. Note. I hope that we will all strive to build fair and sensible relationships with our enterprises and brands based on mutually accretive value, and not buckle when a behemoth 800-pound gorilla in the room acts in an intimidating manner to beat us down out of their own fears. My apologies go out in advance to actual gorillas)

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