Digital IQ Training: 5 Steps to Integrating Social Media

As part of a corporate initiative, Intel has developed a curriculum of training that focuses on the latest in digital marketing and social media. The goal is to create a best-in-class marketing organization; and with speakers like Rohit Bhargava we are definitely headed in the right direction.

Last Friday, Intel hosted Rohit, author of Personality Not Included, to our corporate offices in Silicon Valley to present to the Integrated Marketing team.  I have been following Rohit ever since he first wrote about Social Media Optimization a few years ago and met him personally at BlogWorld 2009, where we sat on a panel together.

Rohit presented a few slides on social media; and also cited some really good case studies of how brands like Ford and Lenovo integrated social media into their broader marketing plans. What I found most interesting is the 5 steps of integrating social media:

1. Active listening, then participate

This is essential.  With tools like twitter, Google Alerts and corporate solutions like Radian6, marketers can now get a pulse as to what is being said online about their brands. Listening is great and anyone can do it. Participation, however, is more important in my opinion and being authentic when  you do.

2. Focus on content instead of ads

Content and lots of it is key. At Intel, we just launched the Core i7 processor. As part of the broader go-to-market campaign, social media was an element that will have residual benefits, something banner advertising doesn’t offer. Search for “digital drag race” in Google and you will notice a ton of content related to this program. Youtube videos, Flickr images and blog postings, all created by Intel.  The formula to do this is really easy; manual, but easy.

3. Embrace Accidental Spokespeople

Rohit cited an example of how a play boy bunny was a huge fan and advocate of the Olive Garden (an Italian and family owned restaurant).  This bunny was on a quest to evangelize the restaurant but the Olive Garden didn’t want to embrace the “accidental spokesperson” because of her affiliation with Playboy (I assume).  In fact just a few days ago, just featured in a new online pictorial called “The Girls of Olive Garden.” Rohit also talked briefly about the Intel Insiders.

4. Offer sharable experiences

This is a great tip.  The ideas are to make content sharable through technology and “compelling stories”.  The use of widgets is revolutionizing the way companies can share content online.  However, the content does have to have an element of “humanity” to it. Storytelling and being personal is essential.

5. Communicate in real time

Use Twitter. It’s that simple. Don’t spend weeks/months formulating a strategy to use Twitter.  Just create an account and join in.

Avinash Kaushik also presented on Web Analytics.  My notes here.

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  • janet

    great post. i heard about this in the news a while back. I understand Olive Garden’s position, but they need to understand that they cannot control the message. Kind of reminds me of the Diet Coke and Mentos youtube video …

    But Diet Coke embraced it..

  • Rohit

    Hey Michael,

    Great to see you again at this, as always. It was a fun time and I’m sorry you didn’t come out with us afterwards, but hopefully next time we can grab some time outside the session to connect. BTW – you’re just being modest … your favourite part of the presentation was the slide with your photo on it, right? 😉

  • David Alston

    Hey there Michael, sounds like a great training program. Thanks to you and Rohit for the Radian6 shoutout :) Let me know if I can help in any way btw.


  • Michael Brito

    Rohit — yeah, sorry I couldn’t make it. I would agree that my favorite slide was indeed the one with yours truly; but I would have preferred not to share the spotlight! kidding …

    Dave — hey, your comment reminded me that I needed to add the links to your site .. sorry about that.
    talk soon.

  • Ari Ratner

    Great Post! I hope you don’t mind me reposting…

  • David Brim

    Thanks for sharing some of the content from Rohit’s presentation Michael. I found it helpful.

    Looking forward to seeing you Friday

  • Louise

    Really interesting, and thanks for sharing some of the insight.

    We believe 3.0 is the natural evolution for the web too.

    Keep up the great work

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