Social Media Discussion with Graduate Students from Golden Gate University

I was asked by my previous professor to come and speak to her class of graduate students at Golden Gate University about social media.  I spent about an hour talking through some basic definitions and also included more advanced topics like Forrester’s Social Technographic Ladder of Participation, the POST method, Robert Scoble’s Social Media Starfish and Rohit Bhargava’s 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization. The presentation was well received and some students even joined twitter; and I take full credit for that! I hope you enjoy the preso.

About Michael Brito

Michael Brito has been making things happen online since 1996 with a legit hustle. He gets mad when the 49ers lose, really mad. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.

  • Ben Tremblay

    Very nice, it’s great to have the opportunity to speak to others about your passion. For what class was that presentation?

  • Brad Wrage

    Excellent slides. I like how you’ve compiles a few different methods into a very straight forward simplistic approach.

  • Brett Tilford

    Great information here. I was recently interacting with some Forrester people at a local Dallas tweetup and they really knew their stuff.

  • susan

    really great slide presentation! i’m trying to get into the social media realm so this was really helpful as a starting point! :)