What are your social media objectives?

I just started reading Groundswell and I love it so far. I recommend it to everyone who is involved in social media/blogging/community building. The cool thing is that I was fortunate enough to sit through Jeremiah Owyang’s presentation of the POST method twice; one at Intel and the other at the Cluetrain at 10 event.

Groundswell is a comprehensive approach that helps marketers define their social media marketing strategy and has several key components like the Social Technographics Ladder of Participation, the POST method and social objectives to name a few.

The social media objectives revolve around 5 key concepts:

  • Listening – using social media as “real time” research and gaining insights from listening to customers
  • Talking – using conversations with customers to promote products or services
  • Energizing – building brand stewardship; and identifying enthusiastic customers and using them to persuade others
  • Supporting – making it possible for customers to help each other
  • Embracing – turning customers into a resource for innovation

And, depending on the objectives, marketers can then decide on which social media tools to use (the T of the Post Method) to achieve those specific objectives. In many cases, organizations may use a multitude of tools to get maximum penetration in the market. Here is a really good resource of products, services and agencies that can help corporate clients achieve some or all of the objectives listed above.

Also, here is a tool that allows you to identify your customer’s social technographic profile. It’s extremely helpful.

What are your Social Media Objectives?

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  • jason yee

    thanks for this. My company is looking to deploy social media marketing so this was helpful.

  • http://web-strategist.com Jeremiah Owyang

    Thanks Michael, good capture!

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Brick Marketing

    We’ve heard many good things about Groundswell. Good to see someone else supporting the product – definitely interested in checking it out for ourselves!

  • http://www.bocanetworks.com Michele

    This was rally helpful, thank you.

    Michele Alonso

  • http://www.facebook.com/easiegmann Eric Siegmann

    Michael – I was glad to run into this older post of your. I cited it in a blog post on mine on the consumer's objectives in social media at http://tinyurl.com/yb9kcy4. Be sure to share your thoughts if you wish! Cheers

  • Awakened_Keynote_Marketing

    Thanks- I am volunteering with a Women's Organization- and recently was asked my thoughts on putting together a Social Media Marketing Plan. Your resources were exactly what I needed to get the ball rolling. The group is already doing a lot of things- but now it time to focus and organize it all and I have our mission defined by our words and actions- not the other way around.

  • http://joakimnilsson.com Joakim Nilsson

    Thanks for the post, will also soon contribute with a post regarding the 5 objectives from the Groundswell book.

  • http://automatedsocialnetworking.com Robert Portman

    In my own opinion social media, its objective is to help businesses boost clients and promote products and the other one is to get alliances and partner to expand their community.